Killin Music Fest 2023: a heartfelt celebration with a £194,000 economic impact, helping safeguard 3 local tourism jobs

Killin Music Fest concluded its latest edition with overwhelming success, leaving a lasting impression on the local community and music enthusiasts alike. According to the recently released economic impact report, the festival has made a significant contribution to the local economy, generating an overall net additional economic impact of approximately £194,000. This remarkable achievement not only helps drive local businesses but also helps safeguard up to three vital tourism-related jobs in the area.

The essence of Killin Music Fest lies in its ability to bring people together through the power of music. Attendees from near and far gathered to join the local community atmosphere and immerse themselves in the soulful performances of talented artists.

“We feel incredibly moved by the success of this year’s event. The heartfelt feedback from our attendees and the remarkable economic impact truly highlights the festival’s significance to our community and the local businesses especially in such difficult times,” shared Gregor MacKenzie, the festival director. “It’s a humbling experience to witness the way music and the event brings people together, fostering a sense of unity and energy. We couldn’t have achieved this without the support and dedication of everyone involved.”

The heartfelt testimonials from attendees echoed the festival’s significance as a cultural cornerstone:

“My daughter is currently taking music lessons in singing. She didn’t have the confidence to perform this year but seeing the young people on stage has inspired her.”

“As I get older I realise just how much heritage and culture we have on our doorsteps. The festival has opened my eyes to what we have as a country to offer !!”

Acknowledging the constructive feedback also received through the report, the festival organisers are committed to continuous improvement. They value the feedback as a guide to enhance future events and create an even more exceptional experience for all participants.

Through the survey, it became evident that one area garnering significant attention was environmental sustainability. The results also underscored the importance of enhancing communication about the festival’s existing processes. Notably, all event waste undergoes recycling offsite at the industry leading Binn Group recycling plant in Perth. The festival team has also taken commendable steps to minimise the use of single-use plastics at their bars, opting for compostable biodegradable cups going forward.

First held in 2016, Killin Music Fest has since become a jewel in Perthshire’s traditional music calendar, attracting visitors and locals alike to the picturesque village in the heart of Scotland.

The event is rooted in community spirit, showcased throughout the weekend’s schedule of activities. This year’s festival took place between Friday 16th and Sunday 18th June 2023. Killin Music Fest will return in 2025, running Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd June.